Thursday, August 1, 2013

What I'm Currently Doing ~ August

August in here!


So hard to believe we are already in the 8th month of the year.  
{This also happens to be my birth month!}

With a new month, you know what else comes along by now.

Here's mine...

I always love the design Farley creates for each of these, but I think this might just be one of my favorites!  Simple but colorful and fun!

So most days, I'm home alone...except for my small zoo.  It's pretty quiet.  I talk to them and I'm not ashamed.  :-)

In Georgia, July and August are typically  However, this year has been much better.  There have even been a few breezy nights and early mornings.  Nice....very nice.

I've started a new blog about life outside of teaching.  Yes, it does exist if you work at it.  It's called A Life Not Measured and I'd love for you to check out my inaugural post from today!

I decided to cut out ALL caffeine.  No cokes, no tea, no coffee...nada.  It's been tough since I was born the Coke Man's daughter and supposedly drank Coke from my bottle.  Anyway, the headache is getting better and I WILL tough it out!

50 pounds.  Yep.  That's all I'm gonna say about that.

Back-to-School time requires patience by the handfuls because there will be interruptions and unplanned necessities.  But you will make it.

You all need plenty of energy.  Let's face it, we all put in well over 8 hours a day to get our rooms ready!

Where would we be without mile-long to-do lists?  Without them, I think our minds would be too scattered to remember half of what must be done.

Thanks for another great month of Currently, Farley!

Head over and check out some more posts for yourself.

Enjoy :)


  1. Wow! How did I have no idea about this new blog you're undertaking? Stay more in touch, girlie! I mean it! I envy you the silence in the house, but I suppose someday it will happen in my residence too, right? We've got a blos-up pool going that gets used ever day, and there's lots of noise that goes with that of course.

    Heading over to check out your NEW blog post now...

    Tammy (Madame Aiello) @ Teaching FSL

  2. silence? I have no clue what that is, but I relate to 50 pounds... nuff said as well.

    Can't wait to see this new blog!!!

    Hodges Herald

  3. Happy Birthday Month! It's mine as well. :)

  4. Congratulations on your new blogging adventure! How exciting!

    Teaching in Room 6

  5. I am your newest follower! I'll have to follow your other blog too! I teach 5th and 6th... love all of your ideas! I'm super jealous of your ability to cut out caffeine! I LIVE off iced coffee and diet coke :)

    Floating Through Fifth

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