Thursday, August 15, 2013

Drumroll Please...Winner of Pi and The Lost Function!

Thank you so much to each of you who entered my giveaway for a classroom copy of Pi and The Lost Function!

The giveaway ended last week, but I've been out of state for my brother-in-law's funeral.  I'm back home and sort of back in blogging mode, so it's time to announce the winner.

Here we go...

Congratulations, Barb!  I've sent you an email.  Please contact me within 48 hours so I can pass along more information to you.  After that time, if I have not heard from you, I will choose another winner.

I missed a few posts that had planned for this week.  I'll catch up with those next week.

If you're the praying kind, I'd love for you to remember Mr. Making It in your prayers.  He will truly miss his big brother.


  1. Please know that we will be remembering you in our prayers. We have lost many family members this past year.

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