Sunday, June 16, 2013

Feedback is Fantastic for Teachers, Too!

When I create a product for classroom use, I never know if other teachers will like it or find it useful for themselves and their students.  OR if they will hate it and consider it a waste of time!

Receiving feedback on Teachers Pay Teachers gives me some insight as to how I'm doing.

Any feedback, good or not so good, is very beneficial.  However, there are a few messages from time-to-time that really warm my heart and remind me why I do this.

I knew I wanted to link up with Christina over at Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge for her Fabulous Feedback party.  She'll be hosting this every second Friday of the month.

Here is feedback from two customers that I wanted to share this month.

THE best feedback to me is when a teacher has already used my product in their classroom AND the students loved it!  That's what drew me to this particular feedback.

I had so much fun making this game.  Fraction Fiesta comes in two versions {4 - 6 grades and 7 - 8 grades}.

I also appreciate feedback that shows the teacher has thought about the product and how they can use it in their own classroom.  To me this shows a genuine interest in my products.

Picnic Probability was created after I saw the need for more practice in my own classroom!  I think I have as much fun designing for cover image as I do creating the actual product.

So the way this works is that if you are either of the two buyers above, contact me by email at  Then you can let me know another product you would like me to send you...FREE!

Enjoy :)