Sunday, January 6, 2013

This Post is Packed!

Boy, oh boy, do I have a lot to share with you or remind you of today!  I'm going to jump right into it.

I feel very honored that my blog was included in this list of the Top 25 Middle School Blogs!  I'm among amazing company.  If you'd like to find a new middle school blog or two, be sure to click on the image above to see the entire list.

Right now there are over 40 bloggers linked up with my What's Ahead for You? 2013 ~ A-Year-in-{P}review Linky Party!  It's not too late to join in the fun. 

It's been so much fun reading everyone's goals for the year.  Thank you for taking part!

Who wouldn't LOVE to win a new tablet???

You can enter daily to win the Tablet for the Teacher Sweepstakes from Teachers Notebook.  Click the image above to go enter today!

{If you win after clicking through from my blog, I win one too!!!}

I've got a really short, 3 question survey for all of you Science teachers out there.  Please take a moment to fill it out if you haven't already.

Canada is in the lead by a long shot in my Outside-the-U.S. Blogger linky party!  I really want to have lots more bloggers join in.  I know there are lots of you blogging from other countries.  Take this opportunity to give a shout-out to your homeland.

Thirty-One's new catalog is filled with beautiful new products and prints!  The January customer and hostess specials are amazing!

Contact me today to place an order or host your own party on-line.  Click any of the images above to contact me or just to see what's new.

On a personal note, I'd appreciate some prayers and happy thoughts as our middle son, Dylan, moved from Georgia to Charlotte, NC this weekend.  I'm so excited for him to be spreading his wings, but I sure do miss him and his crazy antics already!  At 20, he's brave enough to pack up his little car and set off on this journey.  I'm trying to find some satisfaction in the notion that we've raised him to be independent and confident...and not afraid to take chances!

Alrighty...I think that's about it.

I go back to school tomorrow for a Professional Day and my students return on Wednesday.  I guess I need to get myself in gear and get ready!

I hope you have a fantastic week.

Enjoy :)


  1. Congrats to your son! What a brave/wonderful/scary thing to move. I'll be thinking of you and praying for you as you cope with his move, Michelle :)

    Fun in Room 4B

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