Sunday, December 2, 2012

Sunday Samplings ~ Blog Hop, TPT Holiday eBook, & Currently

Lots going on to share today!

First up, hopefully you saw my post yesterday about a new Blog Hop that I'm hosting.

Click on the image below to read it now AND enter to win some fabulous goodies!

Making It As A Middle School Teacher

Day 2's greatness is from Addie over at Teacher Talk.

Click on the Day 2 image to read her post now!

Next, I am super excited to have been chosen as a contributor for the 2012 Winter Holidays Tips and Freebies:  Grades 7 - 12 Edition eBook from Teachers Pay Teachers!  Click on the image below to download your free copy.  There are over 30 TPT authors featured in the eBook....all offering great tips and freebies for you.

Here's my page in the eBook on Page 20!

I'm also very happy to have another one of my freebies included in the Teachers Notebook Newsletter from this week.  This is the second week in a row!

Click on the image below to read the newsletter and access all the great freebies it includes! 

Click this image to go straight to my freebie on Teachers Notebook!

Finally, December is here...which means a new edition of Farley's Currently!

The nail-biter turned into a sad, but hard-fought loss for UGA!  Great game Bama!

My house is all decorated already because I put up only 1 tree this year instead of 3 or 4.  Too many irons in the fire to go overboard this year.

I can't wait to visit the Governor's Mansion for the Christmas Tree lighting and tour!  My sons aren't all that happy about escorting me, but since my husband will be on duty at the Mansion, they don't have a choice.

Sinus headache...enough said!  UGH!

Must.Find.Time to shop!

I've really been enjoying making and crafting lots of different things this year, so I think making an ornament for each of my 7th grade co-workers will be fun, unexpected on their part, and a special treat!

One more thing....I'll be back later today with Share-A-Blog Sunday for December...

Enjoy :)


  1. Don't you just love the TPT Holiday packet? I looked through the one at my grade level (2nd) yesterday and found some amazing things that I can use in the next three weeks!

    What i have learned

  2. Oh my gosh, I need to go Christmas shopping today myself. I'm ahead of where I usually am (which is so last minute I'm ashamed to share it), but have a long way to go!

  3. I see you're from Georgia am I (Ellijay).

    2nd Grade Pad

  4. I have yet to start shopping!
    I'm very impressed that you are making ornaments for teachers on your hall.
    I'm struggling to figure out something for my team.

    Congratulations on being chosen as a contributor. That is awesome!
    Fabulous Fifth Grade Fun