Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thankful Linky & A Winner!

I know I've already posted once today, but hey, I'm at home all week.  I have some extra time on my hands {that I should be using to clean}.

I wanted to link up with Stephanie from Teaching In Room 6's Thanking My Fellow Bloggers Party.  So I'm doing that right now!

This past year or so has really opened up a whole new world to me.  I never imagined I could have so much fun sitting at my computer!

Blogging has made me a better teacher, without a doubt.  All the collaboration that goes on between us is amazing as well.  It really is like an extended family {that you may like better than some of your really family...lol} that you just never met in person.

I've got several bloggers I'm very thankful for.  I'll spare you the time of reading all the details and just give you a button list instead.  They know why I appreciate them so!  Each has encouraged or inspired me in a special way!

I'll call them the Sweet 16!

joyin6th Homepage


Corkboard Connections



Innovative Connections

Thanks to each of you from the bottom of my heart!

Now for the winner of yesterday's Math Game Monday drawing.

According to random.org, the winner is...

Erin S.!

Keep an eye on your inbox Erin!  Thanks to all who played along yesterday!

Enjoy :)


  1. Thank you so much for linking up! And I am thankful for you too :) You are such a positive light (and I always think of Meryl Streep now when I look at you ;)) Happy Thanksgiving.

    Teaching in Room 6

  2. I love those same people! I am very thankful for their help in this journey we call teaching!