Sunday, November 4, 2012

Share-A-Blog Sunday ~ Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher

It's the first Sunday in November, which means two things.

1.  I hope you remembered to set your clocks back 1 hour last night.

2.  Share-A-Blog Sunday is baaa-aaaack!

As I mentioned last week, S-A-B Sunday has been on vacation since April.  I've missed this feature, but I think it will be much more manageable as a once-a-month feature instead of weekly.  I really enjoy getting to know more about lots of other great bloggers out there.  Collaboration is what we're about, after all.

So at the top of the line-up is Katie from Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher!

Katie, a 6th grade Language Arts teacher, is just in her 2nd year, but she has a great blog going already.  You can quickly tell she is an awesome teacher through the posts she shares with her readers!

She contributes some of her blog success to the fact that she shares fresh and new ideas.  She also says, "My reading and writing notebooks have also been a huge hit!"  {More on those in a bit.}

I asked Katie to share a favorite moment from her time as a teacher.  I absolutely love her response!

"There is definitely never a dull moment in my classroom. My students make me laugh and smile each and every day. I love all of the sweet notes they staple up on my board and the hugs they still give even though they are in 6th grade. :)

One of my favorite moments though from this year would have to be from the pep rally that I was asked to give the pep talk at though. I was scared out of my mind because I had to follow a great pep talk by one of the football coaches that had done the pep rally before mine. I decided that I was going to do something different. I rewrote the words to "I Want Candy" (the Aaron Carter version) to "Let's Go Billies!" The kids loved it and they were all singing along. I have already been told that I have to give a pep talk again this next year!"

As you know, I like to break through a bit of the shell bloggers have behind your computer screen.  When I asked Katie to share a few things about herself, this is what she said:

1.  "I am lucky enough to have my high school Algebra 2 teacher as my principal this year. She was an amazing teacher and is just as amazing as an administrator. "

 I will graduate with my Masters in Education at the end of June. I love being in the classroom, but my dream job would actually be working as a curriculum director or campus coach for Language Arts." 

I was the very first middle school mascot at my school so that has earned me the right to be the cheerleading coach this next year. Oh lucky me!"

We're beyond June, so join me in congratulating Katie on her Masters!  Also, please wish her the best of luck as she finishes her Principal Certification in December.  All of that and the Cheer Coach.  You know Katie has had a busy two years!

If you remember correctly, I always shared some things I found in common with the Spotlight Blogger. Katie's case was no different.

It's pretty obvious we like the same blog colors.  My administrator was also a math teacher when I was in school...although I never had her.  I share a love of several classroom strategies/programs with Katie as well.

You'll find great Interactive Student Notebook posts over at Adventures of a 6th Grade Teacher.  {Love these for any content and I SO need to get my curriculum group on board with these next year!  I do a lot of similar things, but they're not all kept together in notebook form to serve as a resource tool.  Must work on that.}  Katie is also incorporating Whole-Brain Teaching in her classroom.  While she uses Daily 5 for Language, that's pretty similar to my love of Guided Math in my content.  It's always nice to come across another teacher who 'thinks like you' in the classroom.

Now it's time for me to let you in on a couple of my favorite things from Katie's blog.

Her Anchor Charts are gorgeous!  All of you L.A. teachers will love them, I pinky swear!  Here's an example...

Katie also has a good collection of WBT videos which you can find HERE!

Head on over and check her out.  You won't be disappointed!  Just a reminder...leave her a comment, share some bloggy love, and tell her who sent you over.

Enjoy :)