Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun Friday: Review, Math Nerd & New Blog!

Hey guys!

I've got 3 things for you on this fabulous, fun Friday.

First ~

I was very excited about being selected to review products for

I was even more excited when my first products came in the mail!  Granted, it took longer than I anticipated to get this review posted, but here it is...finally!!!

So my first products are Office Supplies {which I LU-OVE!} from House of Doolittle.

Let's start with the House of Doolittle Two-Color Monthly Desk Pad Calendar with Large Notes Section.

What I noticed first was the size.  While there is plenty of room to write all of your appointments, it's not as big as some desk calendars I've seen.  I really like that!  I like to see some of my desk when I get a chance to sit at it....not just paper starting at me.  This House of Doolittle Calendar is about 18" x 13", so I can still see my desk!

I like the Notes Section on the side for keeping a running To-Do List throughout the month.  I also love that the entire year is printed across the bottom of the calendar in small, little monthly calendars.  How many times have you needed to see another month when you're looking at your calendar?  Lots, right?  Well, this handy feature takes care of that!

This may sound a bit kooky, but I was happy that the pages tear off easily.  The perforations are well-done and the paper is good quality, so you won't have a tattered-looking mess on your hands by about April.

However, what I might like most is the fact that the House of Doolittle desk calendars are made with 100% recycled products, 100% post-consumer paper, 100% soy ink, AND 100% made in the USA!

This makes me feel better about taking care of the environment and supporting American businesses.

Here are a few close-ups for you...

Now, on to the House of Doolittle Wirebound Weekly/Monthly Planner.

This product has all the same recycled qualities at the desk calendar, but also offers 50% recycled cover material and 90% recycled wire!

The planner has a very good feel to it.  It's smooth and flexible, but also seems durable enough to make it through the entire year.

Each month is tabbed allowing for a full monthly view.  In addition, there are also pages for each week of the year.  The days are broken down in to hourly segments from 8 a.m. until 8:30 p.m.

There are also numerous Memo pages at the back of the Planner where you can write all the notes you want.

Granted, this is not a cutesy, personalized planner, but it seems well-worth the cost.  And I know that everyone is not into cutesy, personalized planners like I am.

Here are some pictures of the Planner...

So if you're in the market for either a desk calendar or a planner for next year, these definitely won't let you down!

Second ~

For all my fellow math nerds out there, I posted some fun Pins over at Endless Pinabilities yesterday.  Be sure to check them out.  Also, if you haven't followed that blog yet, you're missing out some great ideas and Pin Parties!  We've got 2 Pin Parties already planned for Halloween and Veteran's Day!

Third ~

I am over the moon happy to be part of a new blog called Tips for Top Teachers:  A Smorgasboard of Teaching Resources.  How's that for name, huh?  You know the blog has to awesome with a name like that!
Tips for Top Teachers: A Smorgasboard of Teaching Resources

I hope you'll consider checking it out as well.

Enjoy :)

{Background image for review slides courtesy of The 3AM Teacher.}


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