Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall-Themed Freebie!

Hey again!

I promised you a freebie today and here it is!

Since I hadn't made a free product in a while, I wanted it to be something that would work for almost any content at almost any grade level in order to be useful to as many of you as possible!!  Just 'cause I adore you so.

I decided on a vocabulary product and I couldn't resist using some of the adorable fall-themed clipart that I've found lately.

Students will brainstorm vocabulary words or concepts they have learned up to this point in the school year that begin with the given letters.

{I’ve included 10 different words, ranging from 5 – 7 letters each. Some words are more holiday-specific, while others are more generic. This should allow you to choose words that are appropriate for your students and acceptable at your school. I also included 2 complete sets, each with a different font.}

Words included:

Then they will write the word or concept, define or describe it, and draw a representation of it {picture, diagram, example, etc.}.

Click on the image above and head to my TPT Store to download your copy.

I hope you find this product very useful in your classroom.  I can see it as a center, early-finisher task, or just a good old review for the entire class.

Enjoy :)

I'm linking up this week with Manic Monday over at Classroom Freebies!  You'll find tons a great things there!

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