Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Around the World Wednesday ~ Are You On My List?

If you've been holding out on joining the Middle Grades Postcard Exchange for this school year, time is quickly running out!

We gained 6 or 7 new teachers and classrooms this week, including one from Japan!

This is going to be a wonderful and fun learning experience for students {as well as teachers} and I want to have as many states and countries accounted for as possible.  However, I will have to cut off sign-ups at the end of September so that we may begin the process of sending our first round of postcards to all of our new buddies across the US and Canada...and around the world!

The Exchange is open to grades 4 - 8.  

These are the states/countries currently available!

If this sounds fun and engaging for your students, contact me today so that I may forward to spreadsheet to you to fill out.

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},


  1. I'm an interested teacher from North Carolina. How do I sign up?

  2. Hi,

    If you still need a teacher from Illinois I would love to participate! I have a group of sixth grade students. Please e-mail me if you have room

  3. Hi! I would like to join. I have a skeleton blog/wiki - this will motivate me to finish it! I teach 5th/6th grade in Hawaii.

    You can reach me at

  4. If you decide to do this project this year, I would love to participate from Oklahoma!

  5. This is such an AWESOME idea! Not only will this assist with their geography, but also with writing, reading, and communicating.