Monday, September 24, 2012

Math Game Monday ~ Am I Equivalent to 1/2? {Common Core Aligned}

I LOVE Math Game Monday!!!  In fact, I just love math matter what day of the week.

I'm actually having my Gifted/Honors ELT {Extended Learning Time} students create math games for integers.  They have done a fabulous job.  So much so that I'm laminating them so they can go to another class to 'teach' some of our struggling math students how to play their game and get in some extra integer practice that soooo many students need! 

I hope to share some of those with you soon!

For today, I picked a math game I created that could really serve a pretty wide range of grades and ability levels.  

Am I Equivalent to 1/2? can be used in lower grades with advanced students or upper grades with struggling, below-grade-level students.

I created it to fit into one of those cheap $1 plastic photo albums because that just sounded like a fun thing to do!  

Two complete sets are included -- one in color and one in black-and-white if you need to save on ink costs or want to print more that one set!  I chose to print in black-and-white, but used color card stock for a little pop of color.

This math station/center is designed to be cut and placed into a mini photo album like the $1 versions from The Dollar Tree or Wal-Mart.

Outside Book Cover
Instructions for Students
22 Cards
Student Answer Sheet
Answer Key

I've included pictures of my completed book so you can see an example. I removed the album covers that were included and added plain white card stock cut to the same size in their place. Then just add the cards from my set and you have a neat little math station mini-book!!

The 22 Cards contain fractions, decimals, fraction circles, base 10 blocks, word problems, graphs, adding decimals, multiplying and dividing fractions, etc.

All of these ask "Am I Equivalent to 1/2?"

Some cards are easy while some while require more critical thinking.

Extra blanks are included in case you need to change out some cards or add more.

I've included an entire set in color to print on white card stock and an entire set in blank line to print on white or colored card stock.

My example in done on colored card stock to add interest while saving on ink costs.

Making this into a mini-book provides a different, unique way for students to complete a math station. 

This can be done individually or with a partner.

Common Core Standards addressed include:

Common Core Alignment ~ 

This is also an excellent option for Remediation in Grades 6 - 8 as many students continue to struggle with fractions and decimals as well as estimating benchmark values such as 1/2.

I hope you find this product very useful in your classroom!

Click on the images above or HERE to check out this $2 product in my TPT Store.  You can download a preview before you decide whether or not to make a purchase!

The first 3 people to comment and leave an e-mail get a FREE copy!!
The only catch...tell me another concept you think would work well with this same set-up.  
Who knows...if I use your idea, I might send you a free copy of that product, too!!!

Enjoy :)


  1. Hi, Michelle! I love Math Game Mondays, too!

    This set-up would work well for comparing fractions to decimals to percents. Cards could display one of the three forms of a number with right and wrong choices printed at the bottom. Love this format!

    Pat McFadyen at

  2. Love this! My sixth graders need all kinds of review, as do many of my seventh graders! We all love games any day of the week... my kids will love this!!

    Lu Howard

    Thanks for your ideas!!

  3. oops... forgot this part... This could be used for prime and composite numbers, prime factorization, order of operations....

  4. Wow, this is going to be so much fun for my math games stations.
    I think this would be great for long division - using images to show the break down step by step.
    How about for mean, median, and mode?
    LOVE this!

  5. I like the storage idea. Dollar Tree is this teacher's go to place to save money on supplies.

  6. I like this! I want to start incorporating centers in my classroom. Thanks for the idea! This is a helpful post for me. =)

  7. I went out today and purchased 5 photo albums at the Dollar Tree after deciding to make one of your games. I hadn't seen this one before today but I'm looking forward to making this one as well! Thanks!

    I think this could be a great idea to use for identifying types of angles as well as angle measures for complementary and supplementary angles.


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