Sunday, August 26, 2012

Barbara's Back...With Birds & a Rap!!!

The last Sunday of the month is here which means that the awesome Barbara is back!  She never ceases to amaze me.  Every single post hits home in some way or another!

Sit back and enjoy yet another great one my buddy, Barbara....

Happy New Year from Barbara at The Corner on Character! 
How's it going so far?

I bought this t-shirt this week 'cause one of my new year's resolutions is to help my eighth grader manage the angries better. I've explained to him that he doesn't get to choose his feelings because our feelings choose us (You've heard that before, right?), but that what he does get to choose is how he responds to those feelings. Sometimes the upbeat ones like happy, glad, and confident choose him, and he's positively exuberant and such a joy to be around. Other times, the feelings aren't as pleasant, like ashamed, frustrated, and worried. Sometimes he gets downright angry. Not a lot, but when he does, it can feel insurmountably overwhelming and incredibly out of control. In fact, I've seen him get stuck for hours, unable to shake it off. So we've worked together to create a list of healthy ways to manage our anger and he settled on the ones that work best for him. To put those go-to strategies into one spot, I wrote this Anger Buster Rap
Set a pat, pat, clap beat and give it a try, then encourage your students to personalize it by substituting their anger-management faves:

The Anger Buster Rap

by Barbara Gruener
When anger chooses me,
here's an important fact:
I always get to choose 
exactly how I'll react. 

I don't need to fight or

shout, pout and cry 'cause
I have some healthy strategies
for management to try. 

I can write or draw or count to ten,

I work it out or go outside to play, and then
I take deep breaths and maybe take a walk,
then email, text or call my best friend to talk.

So when anger chooses you,

and it will, that's a fact.
Just try these healthy ways
to get you back on track.

 What have you resolved to do better this year?