Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Today's Game ~ "Face" Painting!

Welcome back!

If you haven't been here in a few days, you've missed out on a ton of stuff.

So let's talk about today's game and then get you caught up.

Today we are playing "Face" Painting!

Just like yesterday, the emphasis on "Face" means there really won't be any painting going on!

Instead you'll complete a really easy Scavenger Hunt on my Facebook page.

You  will answer both questions in a comment {1 comment only with BOTH answers} and I'll use the Random Number Generator to pick 2 winners at NOON tomorrow, Thursday, July 12th.  The winners will each receive a $5 Starbucks Gift Card!

Please answer like this:

1.  Answer
2.  Answer

You MUST leave an e-mail address in case I need to contact you if you are indeed a winner.

Here we go...

"Face" Painting! Questions

1.  I've left a clue in a FB post addressed as "Face" Painting Clue.  What is the clue word?

2.  When you click on Pictures, what common classroom item is in the very 1st picture?

Good luck!

Now let's back up a bit.

If you haven't entered my 1st Bloggy Birthday Bash yet, CLICK HERE to see all the prizes and enter before Midnight Thursday!

If it's still before NOON Wednesday, you have time to play yesterday's game, "Pin" the Tail on the Donkey!  CLICK HERE to see that post and play!

AND...If you haven't read about my 2012 - 2013 Middle School Postcard Exchange, CLICK HERE to read all the details and consider participating!

As for the winner to be drawn at NOON today, Wednesday, I'll be back to announce that....after NOON!  ;-)

I'm having a great time with all of you who are participating.  Keep up the fun!

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},


  1. 1. Lint roller
    2. Pencil

  2. 1. Lint Roller
    2. Pencil

    ~Amy (teachertalkamy[at]gmail[dot]com)

  3. 1. Lint roller
    2. Pencil
    Andie (

  4. 1. Lint roller
    2. Pencil
    Amanda (

  5. 1. Lint Roller
    2. Pencil

  6. 1. Lint Roller
    2. Pencil

  7. 1. Lint Roller
    2. Pencil

    Lynn {}

  8. 1. Lint Roller
    2. Pencil

    Patti (