Thursday, July 5, 2012

These Shoes Are Made For Teaching

I love shoes!

In fact, I think I have a shoe fetish problem after taking pictures for this post.

I finally just quit pulling more out of the closet because I was getting a bit embarrassed.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed shoe shopping.  I like to have lots of varieties to fit my mood for the day.

You have to consider if yesterday's shoes made your back or feet hurt.  If they did, you definitely need a comfy option for today.

You have to think about what's on schedule for today.  If the students are testing, you need to wear quiet shoes.

Then there are spirit days, fire drill days, lunch duty days, casual days.....

You've got to cover all the bases!

So here's a peak into my what-I-wear-to-school shoe collection.

 {Basic black pumps}

 {When I need to be dressy, but don't want all of my foot cramped.}

{When I need to be dressy, want pointy toes under long pants, and don't want all of my foot cramped.}

{Dressy Casual days}

{My feet are tied days.}

{For black sandal days}

 {For other-color sandal days}

{For when I need some funky shoes for Spirit Day, etc.}

{Casual Days in the Summer...which I also wear with capris and a cute top and get away with it.  You can tell these get worn much more often than the dressy shoes.}

{Casual Days in the Fall and Winter.  TOMS are oh so comfy!}

Well, that's most of what I wear on my feet at school.  We are very fortunate to have a principal who allows us to have casual days and 'dress-down' days where we don't have to be dressed to the 9s all the time!  It makes the day so much more pleasant for my toes!

What kind of shoes do you wear to school?

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So you guessed it...this is all about those ruby slippers of Dorothy's!

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},


  1. Very cute! I would love to raid your closet!

    I am a pretty simple shoe wearer..Born are my favorites, and I have pairs for all seasons. I also like Earth sandals. They are also pretty darn comfortable.

    Because I don't buy too many shoes, I don't feel guilty spending a little more to get good ones!

    Lifelong Learning

  2. I have two kinds of shoes - brown and black. They are Birkenstocks - the Boston style. My feet NEVER hurt! (Or course, I will never be revered as a fashion plate, but that is OK with me.)

    Enjoying your blog - thanks!

    Lea Ann

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