Thursday, July 5, 2012

Teachers' Hearts Are Bigger Than Normal

                                                  Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

I love this cartoon!  It's one of my absolute favorites.

Now I know that my heart is not really physically any bigger just because I'm a teacher, but the message behind the cartoon is oh so true!

We get up at the crack of dawn to get to work early and make sure all the last-minute details are taken care of.  We're on our feet or sitting on the floor all day.  We mother or father 25 - 125 students each and every day.  We eat standing up while conducting lunch duty.  We stay late to prepare for the next day.  We come home to grade papers, return e-mails, and call parents.  We spend lots of our own, hard-earned money to have all the supplies and manipulatives we need for our classrooms and our students.  We do all this happily, year-after-year....why???

We do this be for the simple fact that we are teachers!  We love to encourage and inspire students to be their best no matter what!  We care for those who often have nobody else to care for them!  We want to see our students be successful and happy!  We find joy in the "A-ha" moments!  We are life-long learners with an innate desire to pass our knowledge on to the next generation!

I know we get tired and discouraged sometimes.  I know we're always counting down the days until a break or Summer vacation.  I know we have tough years and encounter difficult students and parents.

Yet, we are always anxious to begin planning for the next school year.  

Moreover, we do it all over again with a fresh, new smile on our faces.

If we didn't have hearts slightly bigger than the average person, we couldn't do what we do!

So give yourself a pat on the back, be proud of yourself, and hold your head high when you tell someone you are a teacher!

Without teachers, there would be no educated citizenry.  We teach the future today!

That, my friends, is what the heart of a teacher is all about!

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  1. It's funny how many people assume teachers go home when the kids go home, at 3 or 3:30! If only people knew that most teachers stay way after the last bell rings, preparing lessons or helping students or leading extracurricular activities, and then go home and do more school-related stuff until bed time, and how much of their own money they spend on their classroom because they feel that certain things would be great for their students, even if the school won't reimburse them. Teachers do put their entire hearts into their work. It's kind of a "Go big or go home" type of profession!

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