Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tech Tip Tuesday ~ Stixy & Guided Math: Chapter 1

I've got a few things to share today, so let's get right down to business.


Mr. Making It and I headed out for a quick trip to the pharmacy yesterday evening and ended up spending 3 hours finding 6 more caches in our geocashing quest!  I'm telling you, you should give this a shot.


This week's Tech Tip Tuesday is not one I found myself...I cannot lay claim to it {even though it's really cool}.  I came across it on another blogger's post that you'll read about in just a minute.

The website this week is called Stixy.  It's like a collaborative, on-line, sticky note, ticket-out-the-door kind of thing.

Sign up is free which is always great!

You can have private or public Stixyboards.  You can decide who has access to the public boards.  You an invite people.  You can do all kinds of neat stuff!

I immediately began to think of classroom applications for this website...and the possibilities just kept coming to mind.  Why not make it a TOTD from time to time, maybe after group work so that so many students won't need access to the computer(s) in your room?  Homework assignments?  Extra-credit or enrichment ideas?  In-class collaboration and 'discussion'?  Etc., etc. etc....

I made a Stixyboard called Tech Tip Tuesday that I would love for you to check out and leave me a sticky saying you were there!  Also, please share in the comment section here a way you could foresee using this in the classroom.


I've mentioned that I'm taking part in a book study on Guided Math hosted by Brenda from Primarily Inspired.  So now you know that she's the cool blogger I saw using Stixy.  She has a board set up for us to discuss Chapter 1 which started yesterday.

By the way, it's still not too late to grab a copy of the book and join in!  The chapters are brief and you can catch up quickly.

Here's the calendar we will be following.  You can click the image below to download it from Google Docs. As you can see, Chapter 2 does not start until Friday.  And that's me down there on the 20th hosting Chapter 3!

My thoughts on Chapter 1 go like this:

  • I so want this to work in my 7th grade classroom.
  • After reading Chapter 1, I feel like this may be more doable than I originally thought.
  • Most of the aspects of Guided Math are already in place in some form or fashion in my classroom.
  • However, I know I do way too much teacher-centered instruction.  I don't like to teach this way, but sometimes in middle school, it almost seems impossible not to! :(
  • To make this work, I MUST make sure students are on board from Day 1 and that they will be able to work appropriately while I work with small-groups at my table.
  • Some of my classroom procedures will need to be adjusted to allow for this.
  • I LOVE using manipulatives, so I'm all over that!
  • I will start small, as suggested in Chapter 1, and not feel guilty if I can't have a perfect layout to my week.

Are you part of our book study?  Have you read Guided Math before?  Do you currently use Guided Math strategies?  Have you used them in the past?

If you can answer any of these questions, I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments below!

You can also head over to Primarily Inspired to share and read comments there as well as check out other bloggers who've linked up posts sharing their thoughts on Chapter 1!

I'm excited...can you tell???

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},


  1. I also felt kind of validated after reading this chapter: I found that I'm already doint many of the components. It feels kind of liberating in a way...like you said...this is more do-able than I thought!
    Glad you like the stixy. Pretty cool, isn't it? Thanks for linking up! I'm looking forward to chatting about the rest of the chapters!

    Primary Inspired

    1. I LOVE Stixy...thanks for introducing me to it!

      I can't wait to get further into Guided Math...I am so excited about this book study!

      Thanks for coming by. :)


  2. How do you search for your stixy?

    1. Hi Beth! There is a hot link to it in the post where it says Tech Tip Tuesday...I think in red maybe.

      Here is the link also: http://www.stixy.com/guest/203693

      Please give it a try!

      Thanks for coming by. :)


  3. I just started using Stixy yesterday after reading an education tech blog. I love it! I am using it for lesson planning and to collaborate with my co-teacher. The site is so user friendly too!
    Special Teaching in the Middle

    1. What a great idea, Alana! I hadn't thought of using it with my co-teacher. It's always so hard to find time to get together to discuss the little things...this may be the perfect solution to that!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing such a wonderful idea. :)


  4. Hi Michelle,

    I started using Guided Math this year, and like you mentioned, decided to start small. I had four groups, or stations, Work with Teacher, Paper & Pencil, Facts/Manipulatives, and Games. My 'start small' was that a lot of my teaching and the students work still came from the textbook that my division used. It is definitely my new favourite thing to do with Math! If you want more info, I'm writing a blog post about my experiences that should be up later today. Stop on by!