Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday Sampling with 2 Great Link-Ups

Just in case you need a little more appreciation for the week, Teaching Blog Addict is hosting a FREEBIE Link-Up!  Get can join in, too, even if you're not a TBA Author!!!!!

Head over to check out my contribution, the 47 other contributions at the time of this post, and feel free to link-up one of your own freebies!

I'm linking up with Hadar from Miss Kindergarten, Teri from A Cupcake for the Teacher, and April from A Modern Teacher for a super fun Linky Party called My Summer Bucket List!

So here's My Summer Bucket List:

I will definitely be sleeping later than 4:30 AM!

I'm flying to New York City for the BlogHer Conference!

I'm going to tackle my Office...and WIN!!!

                                                                  Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

I'm also going to defeat the Crafty Clutter!

                                                                 Source: via Michelle on Pinterest

I'm going to Skydive with my 2 Science curriculum gals!

I'm going to have a blog re-design for my 1st Blogiversary...hopefully by...I don't want to spoil the surprise yet!

Most importantly, I'm going to spend lots of awesomely fun time with my family and my fur babies!

{My Husband and me}

{My 3 sons {The big ones} ~ Ben, Austin, and Dylan; with 2 of my nieces ~ Francesca and Alena; and 1 of my nephews, Caden}

{Another nephew and niece, Maddox and Mackenzie}

{Our GSD, Luger ~ now 6}

{Our Great Dane, Piper ~ now 2; Chihuahua, Spencer ~ now 7; Pekingese, Gidget ~ now 10}

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},


  1. Sky diving? Wow that will be fun!
    Love your office! I'll be working on my office this summer as well!
    How many days do you have left?

  2. You're brave!! Won't find me skydiving!! Thank you for linking up!!
    A Cupcake for the Teacher

  3. What an office!! I was just telling my hubby last night that I need an office. Currently everything is split between the living room, dining room, and my bedroom. It is just not working and looks horrible!!

    Think, Wonder, & Teach

  4. skydiving?????oh no!!!
    O am happy you are that brave,would like it if you share photos after you have done that!:)


    Enjoy Teaching English

  5. Wow! You have an event-filled summer!!! How exciting. I haven't gone skydiving yet...maybe one day. :) Thanks for linking up!


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