Sunday, April 15, 2012

Share-A-Blog Sunday ~ Kids Cog Works

Happy, happy Sunday!!  Last week was absolutely beautiful...and I'm so hoping for another beautiful one this week!

It's time for another installment of Share-A-Blog Sunday.

I'm super excited to shine this week's Spotlight on Adrianne Meldrum from Kids Cog Works!

Adrianne does her blogging from the great state on Idaho!  Did you know the official state vegetable is the potato??  Imagine that. ;-)  In the South, we love us some taters!

A teacher for 6 years, Adrianne tutors middle school students mainly in Math.  While browsing around her blog, you just get the feeling that Adrianne is a genuinely warm and loving person with a very calm and loving heart!  I'm not sure how that comes through the screen, but I think if I met Adrianne in person, I would not be disappointed! 

It was also very easy to find things in common with my Spotlight Blogger this week!  We have both been teaching for 6 years...and we both have 3 sons {and we've managed to keep our sanity}!

When I asked Adrianne to share a bit about what makes her blog special, she said:

"I make fun, hands-on types of lessons and activities."

So simple...and so true!  All of Adrianne's lessons on Kids Cog Works are very hands-on and very student centered.  She even has an entire page of educational Card Games!

Favorite teaching moments that my Spotlight Bloggers share always make me smile!  Adrianne's was no exception.  If this doesn't warm you heart... 

"Recently, the parent of one of my students decided to cut back tutoring to once a week instead of two. When he showed up to his new time, he demanded, 'When were you and my mother going to tell me about going to once a week!'
I was stunned, most kids are happy to be moving up and away from needing tutoring. I said, 'You're upset that you don't come twice a week?'
He replied with a big smile, 'I would come here every day if my mom would let me!'
It melted my heart and was a tender moment that let me know I make a difference in my students lives."

Here's a little more about Adrianne:

"1. When I decided to become a teacher, I thought primary grades were for me. Those big kids seem so scary! Then I decided to stay home and raise my boys, but I craved teaching. I jumped into tutoring and middle school students were the biggest chunk of my clientele. 
I have fallen in love with those middle school kids. I enjoy helping guide them through all the big changes from becoming independent learners to choosing good friends.
2. Even though I have a Bachelor's degree, I never walked at Graduation. Not high school and not even college.
3. I am a teacher first and an entreprenuer second. I have discovered I like running my own business too. It's great that the two have come together."

If you've missed out on Adrianne's blog up until now, you should head on over and check it out.  She has tons of products in her TPT Store and her Teachers Notebook shop {including freebies}, an awesome newsletter, and she's also active on Pinterest!!

One of my favorite products of Adrianne's {I had a difficult time narrowing down my choices!}is her Integer Fear Factor using Harry Potter Jelly Beans!!!  I'm so thinking this will be incorporated as a hook for my Integer Unit next year!

So head on over, check her out, and leave a comment or two!  Share some bloggy love and tell her who sent ya. 

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},


  1. Wow it's cool to read about a fellow tutor with a boatload of middle schoolers! Now I have a new blog to explore too!

    1. Glad I could help you make a connection, Sandra!

      Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave a comment...they make my day. ;-)


  2. Thanks for sharing my blog with your followers. You had such kind things to say! Now I am curious who Sandra is...COME SEE ME SANDRA! It would be a delight to talk to another tutor.
    Thanks Michelle!
    Adrianne Meldrum