Sunday, April 1, 2012

Share-A-Blog Sunday ~ Innovative Connections

Happy Sunday morning everyone and welcome to another edition of Share-A-Blog Sunday!

By the way, I'm not fooling around at all about this post!  ;-)

This week's spotlight is brightly shinning on Ann Marie from Innovative Connections.

In her 11th year of teaching, Ann Marie is currently an 8th grade Language Arts teacher.  However, she has taught a range of grade levels from Kindergarten through 11th grade...what some comparisons she must have!  The majority of her time has been at the Middle Grades level.

I happen to know that Ann Marie resides in The Magnolia State, Mississippi.  And who didn't learn that catchy little tune as a child??  {Mountain letter, dotted letter, ....}

There also seems to be a football rivalry at Ann Marie's house, so the following would make a great gift for her. :)

Ann Marie is a completely selfless blogger!  She's designed her blog around that idea as she regularly shares great posts and ideas with her readers.

In fact, this is what she said about Innovative Connections.

"It is a multi-level blog built for sharing with teachers of various grade levels and subject areas. I've taught from K all the way to 11th, so I like to have a variety of connections!"

I think it's awesome to find such a variety of resources in one place!  I can often find inspiration from other grade levels and content areas.

I always ask my Spotlight bloggers to share a favorite teaching story.  This is was Ann Marie shared with me.

"A more recent moment was a couple of weeks ago. One of my students was supposed to be reading his literature circle novel, The Glory Field, and when I asked him why he was digging around in his binder instead of taking advantage of the reading time, he started grinning and said, "Um, Mrs. Smith, well.. see.....I was looking for those notes we took about the Civil Rights Movement because I was reading and it said something that sounded like that time those girls died in that church you remember?" I was floored! I made a "to-do" about it! I was so proud that he'd made a text-to-world connection and had held on to his notes, etc.. He didn't realize that's what he'd done until I reminded him of textual connections---and we work with textual connections all the time! He was so proud and happy that he'd impressed me so much!! And to think, I was approaching him because I thought he wasn't utilizing his "literature circle reading time!" It was very unexpected for him to go digging for notes when that wasn't asked of him, so I must say that was a great moment!"

Great moment, indeed!  I've approached students before in my stern teacher voice to ask why they seemed to be doing something other than the assignment, and you don't often get this kind of answer.

Ann Marie graciously shared some information about herself for my readers.

1.  I love to paint (with acrylics) and to be outside (on the water)

2.  My LOVE of vampire books is almost crazy....I guess it's because they are such great romance books, and, I have lots of them! 

3.  Due to my love for animals, my husband and I have 5 dogs and 1 cat....which is probably why we have no children yet! :) I love them, but it is a crazy, loud life!! 

4.  Cleaning the house or working in the yard is usually stress therapy!

We also have a crazy, loud life as Ann Marie calls it with 4 dogs, a cat, and a chinchilla!  I know where she is coming from.  ;-)

I would strongly encourage you to check out Innovative Connections, if you haven't already.  Ann Marie is a very dedicated blogger and tweeter.  She also has an amazing TPT store.  You can find all her follow links on her homepage.

When you get there, share some blogging love and tell her who sent you!

{If you would like to be in the Spotlight one Sunday very soon, fill out this Google Doc and read the requirements.  I'd love to shine the light on your blog!}

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},


  1. Love it! Thanks so much for putting the spotlight on me!!! Yay! I love the house divided flag!!! So true here! Lol. We had one (worn out now) and I will have to get a new one before football season rolls around.
    Oh, a "chinchilla"---interesting!!!!!
    :) Be well,
    Ann Marie
    @ Innovative Connections

    1. You're welcome and you certainly deserve my little spotlight as well as a much, much bigger one!

      And yes, our little mini-zoo is quite interesting!


  2. Wow... learned some new things about Ann Marie! I can't believe she has a chinchilla - they'rs so stinkin' cute!

    Teacher Talk

    1. Addie, I do enjoy learning more about each blogger I spotlight!

      Ashe the Chinchilla is mine...hope I didn't make it sound the other way

      Thanks for stopping by!


  3. Addie---Michelle has the chinchilla!! Not me!! Lol!!

    Ann Marie Smith @ Innovative Connections