Saturday, March 31, 2012

Science Saturday ~ Animal Specimen Lab & a Freebie

This week's Science Saturday is all about an Animal Specimen Lab we completed in my classroom.

It was very quick and easy to set up.  I am fortunate to have a rather large collection of specimens to use at my school.  However, if you don't have access to specimens at school, you could always display quality pictures for your students to assess and achieve the same results.  I used 20 specimens so students could be as spread out as possible around the room, but you could certainly use less...or more if you have the materials and the time!

Here's my classroom set up and ready.  I don't have room to set up a lab like this without using student tables for most of the display area.  I do have a few on the back shelf, another small table off to the side, and on my demonstration table at the front of the room.  I simply wrote 1 - 20 on sticky notes and placed the specimens beside them so students would easily see at which 'station' they were working.

My students were VERY engaged in this lab!  Many had never seen or been so close to the specimens I chose.  I heard so many great conversations and explanations of why a certain specimen was this or that.  It was an awesome day!

Here are a few pictures.  I so wish I didn't need to cover their faces because not being able to see their eyes takes away from some of the amazement and enthusiasm they have.

I thought I would share a few of the actual specimens as well.

Now for the freebie that goes along with this lab!  This was used as a culminating task at the end of the unit when students knew everything needed to complete this lab on their own.  

Click on either image to go right to the download page at my TPT store!

{This image shows all pages.}

{This is the first page...there are enough spaces for up to 20 different specimens.}

I hope you will find a way to incorporate this lab into your classroom!  I would love to hear from you if you do!

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},


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