Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Around the World Wednesday ~ Global Teacher Connect {and a Linky Party}

Hey guys!  This week's Around the World Wednesday has a slight twist!

I would like to share a global teaching blog...appropriately titled Global Teacher Connect.


This is the brainchild of Heidi Raki of Raki's Rad Resources.


Here's the tagline Heidi has for Global Teacher Connect:

Global Teacher Connect has been designed to be a collaborative blog for Global Teachers - teachers who are in the classrooms all around the globe creating global learners.

There will be up to 5 bloggers from around 20 countries contributing to this new project....a total of 100 bloggers from around the world!!!  

As a Social Studies teacher, I can just imagine Skyping with a class from The Middle East or Africa....but can you imagine what that would mean to your students!!

I am SO excited about this blog {which I also happen to be a contributor to} and I would love for you to head over and consider following it and the other authors as well!

Now for the Linky Party...

Heather from HoJo's Teaching Adventures is hosting a Top 10 List Linky Party!

{Click the link above to see the rules for this Linky and to check out other posts!}

So here are my... 

Top 10 Reasons to Follow Making It As A Middle School Teacher on Facebook!

10.  We all love wasting spending time on FB, right?

9.  I asking nicely...

8.  Seeing my numbers increase puts a genuine smile on my face. :-0

7.  I am a Pin-aholic and I often share great finds on my FB page!

6.  I like to ask questions of my followers to create some interaction and a feeling of community.

5.  I post FREEBIES which you can also find in my TPT Store

4.  Middle School teachers are just cool!  ;-)

3.  I've taught Math, Science, and Social Studies, so I offer a little bit of everything.

2.  I've taught grades 6 - 8, so I have a feel for the entire Middle School experience.
1.  It would make me the happiest gal in the whole wide world!!!  {OK, that may be stretching it, but I would LOVE for you to follow me!}

I hope you'll check out both blogs mentioned above...actually 3 including Heidi's and tell them who sent you over!

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},

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