Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tech Tip Tuesday ~ Science 360 for iPad

I've started a new weekly feature for Tuesdays!  Not just Tip Tuesday anymore.  Now I'll share technology ideas with you each and every Tuesday!

I recently bought an iPad so I wanted to share an amazing app for Science that I found...and did I mention that it's FREE!!!

                                                                             Source: itunes.apple.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Science 360 for iPad is presented by the National Science Foundation so you know we're dealing with top-notch, high quality information!

Here is a screen shot of the 'home page'.  Can I just saw that my mouth began to water!

                                                                         Source: itunes.apple.com via Michelle on Pinterest

You can choose from the thumbnails to see a larger image with more information OR sometimes there is a video to watch!

                                                                      Source: itunes.apple.com via Michelle on Pinterest

Images and information are updated regularly.  What more could you ask for...and it's all FREE!!! :)

If you have access to an iPad, I highly recommend this little jewel of an app!

Making It {and smiling},

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