Monday, January 23, 2012

Math Game Monday Returns!!!

I plan to get back to some of the weekly features I was doing before.

One of my favorites {since math is my passion} was Math Game Monday!  I even have this cute little logo to go with why not bring it back, right?!?!

Well, this week is an easy one.  If you've seen my FREEBIE:  Partner Picking Cards ~ Middle Grades Math, then you've seen this week's Math Game!

These cards can double as a Math Memory Game!

Just print them out, laminate them {because we know how destructive rough those little devils angels can be! ;-)}, turn them over, and viola!  You have an instant, easy Math Memory Game!!!

Here's a quick preview of 1 page of cards {there are 5 pages in all}.

Print multiple sets so your class can all work in small groups to match the cards.

Use them as a center along with other games.

Use them for early finishers.

The possibilities are almost endless!

You can link to these FREE cards in 2 different locations.  Pick the most convenient one for you!

Teachers Pay Teachers ~ Click here.
Teacher's Notebook ~ Click here.

Enjoy :)

Making It {and smiling},

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  1. I like that! I am heading over to download it right now. Another fun thing to do with my students.