Saturday, December 31, 2011

QR Codes For the Classroom

You've seen these little black and white squares.  They're showing up everywhere!

Why not in the classroom???

Go to this website, QR Voice, and enter up to 100 characters of text.  Click on the little blue rectangle and get your own special little QR Code generated for you!

You can scan it with your SmartPhone and hear a playback of what you typed!!!

How cool is that?

You also get a web address you can copy to paste the code anywhere you like.  The address for the QR code above is

If you listen, it says to, "Remember to do your homework."

I can foresee e-mailing these to students and parents, posting them on a Facebook page or classroom blog, or...the sky is the limit!

Although I teach in a low-income setting, most parents and many student have SmartPhones...or easy access through another family member.  I do realize for some students this would not be a possibility.  

I'd love to come up with a creative way to use them IN the classroom itself.  I guess that would mean having my phone available to scan the images??  Not really sure about that part yet.

If you have an idea or have seen something in the past, PLEASE be sure to leave a comment and let us all know!!! 

Making It,


  1. This is SO cool! I just played with it for 15 minutes making all sorts of random comments. However, I could see this being a great way to create an interactive lesson for our school iPad and iPod Labs. Thanks so much for sharing. I may blog about this tonight...if I have time after playing :)

  2. I thought I would share the activity I created using this...
    It is on the Parts of a Circle. Thanks again for the idea!