Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tip Tuesday ~ Chalkboard Clothespins

As I have been feeling uber crafty lately...thanks to Pinerest, I wanted to share a tip - with a twist. 

Rebecca over at Create-Share-Inspire shows you how to create Chalkboard Clothespins.

These adorable little things would be great in ANY classroom for ANY content as a way to display student work!  

Self-contained, lower-grade classes could have each individual student's name on their own 'chalkboard'.  

Upper-grade classes with 100 or more students could label the boards according to what you are displaying.  Super Speller, Excellent Explanation, Wonderful Work, etc....

You can color-coordinate with your classroom decor and personal style!  I LOVE these!

So that's the tip this week...make some of these. :)

Mathematically (and Craftily) yours,


  1. Thanks for referencing my blog and my clothespins!!! I love your idea. Thanks so much for sharing!!!


  2. Michelle, those are adorable! I wish I'd known about them when I was teaching.
    I just posted a giveaway today that includes a free set of Days of the Week chalkboard magnet clips from Etsy seller, Moore Magnets.
    You could win your own set for home to go along with the classroom set you make!