Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whacky Wednesday ~ Unusual Mascots

As we all get ready to head back to school ~ some in a week or so...and some still several weeks away ~ we all become once again focused on our school's sense of pride!  With school pride comes the thought of our school's cherished mascot....

Well maybe not so much for some.  I found some rather unusual school mascot names so I thought I'd share a few with you!  If your not a huge fan of your school's mascot, you might be when you finish reading these.

  • Palmer Moose ~ Alaska
  • Salome Frogs ~ Arizona
  • Stuttgart Rice Birds ~ Arkansas
  • Lincoln Fighting Zebras ~ California
  • Brush Beetdiggers ~ Colorado
  • Marvelwood School Screaming Pterodactyls ~ Connecticut
  • Cobden Appleknockers ~ Illinois
  • Chinook Sugar Beeters ~ Montana
  • Crooksville Ceramics ~ Ohio
  • Northeast Grape Pickers ~ Pennsylvania
  • Hutto Hippos ~ Texas
  • Fall Creek Crickets ~ Wisconsin

So, as you can see, your mascot may not be so WHACKY after all! :)

Thanks to High School Team Names for sharing.

Mathematically yours,

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