Saturday, July 23, 2011

Science Saturday ~ Conduct a Fish Survey in Your Class

I found a really neat little experiment from EEK!  Teacher Pages called Conduct a Fish Survey in Your Classroom.

The materials needed are very simple. 

Each pair of students will need: 
     1 spoon and paper cup; 
     small white beans (about 100 cup); 
     colored markers; 
     calculators; and

The procedure is very clear and easy to follow.

While the standards listed are for the state of Wisconsin, I'm sure you have standards that are very similar to these in your state - depending on your grade level.

In Georgia, I would change the fish in question to the Large Mouth Bass - part of Georgia History!  You could easily adapt the little fishy beans to something familiar in your own state as well!

The part that appeals to my math brain is this tiny jewel:
Population Formula

                    Total fish tagged   X   Total fish in trapnet
Population =   -----------------------------------------------
                            Tagged fish in trapnet 

The student worksheet link is also included.

Go here and see what you think!

Mathematically yours,

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