Friday, July 22, 2011

New Feature ~ Finally Friday


In a few weeks, this will take on a new meaning for most of us as we wind down our first week of teaching in the new school year! 

I LOVE Fridays!  Not just because one more school week is in the books, but also because I look forward to family time on the weekend and a chance to re-charge my teacher battery so I can make the next school week even better than the last!

This weekly feature will follow along that same thought process - winding down and charging up.

For my first installment, I found a video I wanted to share with you.  

It reminded me of the notion that our chosen profession isn't always looked upon in the most flattering light.  Some people like to put us down, say we aren't capable of other jobs, and poke fun at our less-than-stellar pay scale.  It also reminded me that I don't really care what other people say.  

I'm a TEACHER and PROUD of it!!!  

So as you get ready to start a new school year, keep in mind the reasons why you chose to become a teacher and let that fire ignite you every single day in the classroom!

The video is from comedian Taylor Mali.  

***There are a few choice words and a 'gesture' included.  My intent is not of offend you, but the message in the video is a great one!*** 

Mathematically yours,

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